Lough Key Forest, Treetop Walkway Ireland Macalloy steel Tie Rods stainless steel Tension Bars
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Lough Key Forest, Treetop Walkway

Products in use: Macalloy steel Tie Rods / Tension Bars were used to support this timber treetop walkway in Lough Key Forest, Ireland.

Background: Lough Key Forest and Activity Park is a flagship visitor destination in Ireland. The contemporary treetop walkway is the first of its kind in Ireland. At 300m long, the walkway rises 9m above the woodland floor. It uses timber and steel very effectively for an architectural finish matching its beautiful surroundings.
Macalloy Involvement: The stainless-steel tension bars tension the timber sections across a number of v-shaped trusses and between timber columns. Lough Key Forest Park is located in an area of great historical interest and is comprised of vast woodland and numerous islands. There is reference to Castle Island in the annals of Lough Ce as early as 1184.

Macalloy steel Tie roda and tension bars - lough key walkway
Macalloy steel Tie roda and tension bars - lough key walkway

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