Sheikh Zayed bridge Abu Dhabi UAE 2010
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Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Products in use : Macalloy 1030 Post Tensioning Bars

Background: Completed in 2010 this arched bridge is designed in a wave form that forms a stunning silhouette across the channel, joining Dubai to the island of Abu Dhabi. It is 824m long and features a complex, but beautiful Illumination of lights across the whole of the bridge.
Macalloy Involvement: The Macalloy 1030 Post Tensioning Bars are used as anchor bolts to anchor the large steel arches. The bridge’s eight lanes (four in each direction) allow 16,000 vehicles to pass per hour. The architect, Zaha Hadid was the first woman to win a Pritzker Prize, the architectural world’s most important honour.

Macalloy 1030 Post Tensioning Bars Sheikh Zayed Bridge Abu Dhabi UAE

post tension bars 1030




Abu Dhabi


United Arab Emirates


Azha Hadid

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