Adjustable Compression Struts used only for Tensioning.

The new Witry Bridge in Reims, France has been a very interesting project for Macalloy. Although this design is considered a standard arch bridge design covering a span of 66 m with vertical hangers, what makes this bridge unique is the use of vertical compression struts. Acting solely in tensioning, they were used as hangers […]

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Green Street Pedestrian & Bicycle Bridge – Prize Bridge Award 2022

Macalloy were delighted to hear that this new bridge in Salem, North Carolina, USA has won the “Prize Bridge ” award in the special purpose category from the National Steel Bridge Alliance (NSBA) in 2022. The bridge is a unique, multi-ribbed, unbraced tied-arch structure spanning the newly reconstructed Salem Parkway. The design is exquisite. It’s a pleasure […]

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Visit to ARUP in London

Macalloy’s Engineer Harry Smith and Area Sales Manager Liam Gavin recently visited ARUP in London, where Harry Smith presented a technical presentation to the company’s employees.  Macalloy collaborated with ARUP on landmarks like the Renault Building and the London Millennium Bridge. Sustainability and Glulam construction were two of the very interesting subjects discussed. They both really enjoyed […]

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macalloy shuffleboard night out

Supporting the Master Cutler Challenge 2023

What a fun social evening Shuffleboard turned out to be. We had a total of four teams, and congratulations go to team 3 for winning with 91 points!  We all had a very  enjoyable time and were able to contribute  to the Mater Cutlers challenge, who are helping to raise money for Wentworth Woodhouse this […]

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Duplex Stainless Steel Application

We have recently supplied compression struts made of duplex stainless for an offshore project, which is an ideal application given the high salt environment. The form of steel known as duplex is superior to other types of stainless steel in terms of its resistance to corrosion and overall strength. This is owing to the fact […]

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