Network Arch Bridge Trinec-Baliny Czech Republic 2009
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Network Arch Bridge, Trinec-Baliny, Czech Republic

Products in use : Macalloy Tie Bars and Tension Bars.

Background: The Macalloy tension bars are used as hangers to help maintain the tension in the arch and support the bridge deck. The criss-cross formation of the bars on a network arch allows for larger length to height ratios to be achieved than on standard arch bridges.
Macalloy Involvement : The Macalloy tension bars were stressed on-site using the Macalloy Techno-Tensioner, a unique tension bar stressing device. Installation and stressing were undertaken by Macalloys partner in the Czech Republic, Tension Structures, s.r.o.

Trinec-Baliny Bridge Czech Republic Macalloy Tie Bars and Tension Bars y Techno-Tensioner Tension Structures, s.r.o
Macalloy tension bars






Czech Republic

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