Osman Gazi Bridge, Turkey 2016
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Osman Gazi Bridge, Turkey

Products in use : Macalloy 40mm and 50mm stainless 1030 bar, nuts and washers 

Background: This six lane 3.3km suspension bridge spans the Gulf of Izmit. After the completion of the bridge, the distance between Istanbul and İzmir shortened by about 140 km (87mi), bypassing the lengthy distance around the Gulf of İzmit. It carries more than 40,000 vehicles a day, reducing travel time by six hours. 

Osman Gazi bridge turkey Macalloy 1030 stainless, bars, nuts and washers

The design was demanding given it is built in one of the most earthquake risk areas of the world.  

post tension bars 1030




Gulf Of Izmit


Dissing & Weitling

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